Why Sell Gold Online?

Selling gold today is popular because of an exploding gold market; gold prices currently stand at over $1300 per troy ounce. One stands to make a lot of money by selling.  While it is possible to sell your gold to local jewelers and Cash For Gold businesses, you will get better prices by going to online gold buyers.

It is more common to hear the horror stories about selling gold online—the stories of jewelry that has not been returned or checks having been “lost in the mail” for less-than-reputable online buyers—, but there are by far more success stories. Because the online gold selling process requires customers to send their gold pieces off to the Great Unknown, many are wary of it. “How do I know they’ll return it or send me a check?” “What if their address is outdated?”

Of course, there is good reason for consumers to be cautious when dealing with items of such value, but we want to assure you that, by following some simple guidelines, the process can be stress-free and painless.

  1. Start With A Reviewing Website: A number of websites exist that rate and rank various online gold buyers, but our favorite is probably top 7 cash for gold reviews. They did a full review and sent in gold to many of the most popular online gold buyers. Most of these websites allow customers to comment and review the various aspects of their experiences. Be sure to check their rating with the Better Business Bureau in addition to a few review websites to verify that the rankings are accurate.


  1. Compare Prices: Look at their price lists to see where you will make the most money. Be sure to double-check the units of measure they use and read the fine print for any usage charges or nominal fees that they may charge. Use instructions for converting gold price units to find an approximation of your profit.


  1. Verify Contact Information: With online communication being so convenient, many people prefer to email, text, skype, or communicate through those methods. It is prudent to verify that the phone number provided is real and that there is an actual street address associated with the company. Many companies have PO boxes, but they should have an address for offices that receive inquiries. The turnaround on gold sales is usually fairly quick, but you may need to follow up on some things.


  1. Assess the Pieces: To get an idea of what your pieces are worth, bring them to local reputable jewelers who can approximate their value. With simple items made of precious metals and alloys, you can use the gold sellers guide to assessing their value, but if your piece contains any precious stones or other unique qualities, their value is more subjective.

By following these pieces of advice, you can protect yourself from fraudulent online gold buyers and maximize your profits!

4 Tips on Selling Gold Online Safely, Securely, and for the Most Cash

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