usagbDepending on the city that you live in, you may have more of a variety of options for where to sell your gold. You can always use online diamond buyers, if there are not any in your area. Whether you are selling gold for the first time, or have had experience with it in the past, some of the tips below can help you earn the most money for your gold.

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Look At Average Payout

Some cash for gold locations advertise their average payout per gram of gold, on their website or storefronts. This is a quick way to see which gold buyers are offering the most money at that time. Not all gold buyers will list their price, and you will still want to consider the over level of service that they provide.

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of website that have reviews on local businesses from past customers. These sites will provide you insight on what to expect out of the transactions when working with a certain buyer. The Better Business Bureau is another good place to get a better idea of a company’s reputation.

What They Buy

Every gold buyer will likely be willing to purchase any piece of gold, as long as they get it for the right price. Because of this, you may be better off selling things like gold watches and jewelry, to a certain type of buyer experienced with the value of your products. Something like scrap gold will likely command a similar price no matter which gold buyer you decide to sell to.

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