Today we’re taking a look at Express Gold Cash – an online cash for gold service that you’ve probably heard about if you’ve ever done any research on the cash for gold industry. They’re very well-known in the industry and have a good reputation, so we decided to take a look at them in more detail. Are they really a good place to sell your gold?

Ranked #1The good news is, gold is worth a lot, and you’ve probably got some extra lying around. The bad news? How do you know where to sell it? Everywhere you turn, people are yelling “scam”. Online companies are a scam. Jewelers are a scam. Pawn shops are a scam. So where are you supposed to sell? You’ve got to do it somewhere.

Your best chance to get the highest price is with an online dealer. But doing that comes with a risk. There have been a lot of reports of shady online dealers in the past 10 years due to the jump in gold prices. With them leveling out recently, however, those dealers have largely been weeded out of the industry. Online reviews and consumer advocacy groups have aided in the process as well. Since it’s easier to avoid bad online dealers these days, it’s easier to get more cash for your gold.

Why online gold buyers? Two main reasons: overhead, and scale. Online gold buyers generally have one central location where they efficiently process packs. They don’t have the high security, lease, or staffing costs that jewelers or pawn shops have. And scale – they’re getting packs from all around the country. They don’t rely on just a few people coming into their shop each day. They specialize in online gold packs, and staff as many people as they need to do a good job. All this leads to a more more efficient operation that specializes in turning gold into cash at great rates.

And now we get to Express Gold Cash. These guys were around before the boom, and they’re here as gold has dropped. They aren’t in it for the quick buck – it has been their specialty for years and they’ll be in this business far into the future. Here are a few more reasons these guys are good:

1) Highest payouts. We found several independent gold buyer tests giving them the highest payout levels. You can see a couple of these at and

2) Free FedEx Shipping. The best company in the business at getting packages where they need to go, fast.

3) 100% Guarantee. They hang on to your gold and give you 30 full days to request your gold back if you want it. That’s the longest in the business, and they’re great about working with you.

4) Fast, Easy Payment. They can pay with check, or paypal within 24 hours.

5) Online Reviews. You don’t survive online in this kind of business if you don’t take care of your customers. They’ve not only survived, but thrived as other companies have closed their doors.

Want to learn more about the process, or are you ready to get a quote for your gold? Take a look at Express Gold Cash’s process on their how it works page to see if selling gold online is right for you.

Online Cash for Gold Review: Express Gold Cash

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